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Welcome To My World.

Alexia Rowe wearing denim vest playing Fender guitar


Hi there! I’m Alexia. I’m a playwright, composer, guitarist and singer-songwriter. I use my art to help people find themselves in my stories to learn about themselves and the world longing to be known around them.

As I create, I strive to make my plays and music affordable and accessible to all performers, from the tiny neighborhood theatre to the band that has a whole season planned. Want to get to know me and what I do? Click on the button below!

Alexia Rowe

Umxoxi wezindaba. Umqambi. UMdali.
What I Offer
Logo for Alexia Rowe's website, depicting a cat in a tree surrounded by leaves, musical notes and theatre masks
Alexia Rowe picture without background taken by Salma Kilaouy
Theatre proscenium with ornate walls



Ufuna ukufunda ukubhala umculo?

Iseshini engu- $ 50 / yehora


Ufuna ukufunda ukuqamba umculo noma ukubhala amaphuzu?

$ 50 / ihora


Ufuna ukungibhukha?

Amanani okufanele kuxoxiswane ngawo


Ufuna ukungibhukha?

Amanani okufanele kuxoxiswane ngawo

Prices for services vary depending on scale of projects.

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